Life Insurance and Medicare in North Carolina

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When you are in search of a life insurance policy that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your life, look no further than Insurance Service Associates of Forest City, North Carolina. As an independent insurance agency we have the knowledge, expertise, and accessibility to shop the best insurance policies on the market to get you the coverage you need and at the best rate. Don't go another day without protecting the financial future of you and your family. Contact Insurance Service Associates now for a free quote on your next life insurance policy.

Medicare Coverage

Supplementing health insurance can be a stressful step when searching for the right policy. As a local, independent insurance agency we pride ourselves on treating our clients like our family. As a priority of our staff, we search for the supplemental medicare coverage that makes the most sense for your needs resulting in a custom health care plan. Whether you are looking for supplemental coverage to assist with prescriptions or a plan to fill in the gaps, we have you covered.

Protect Your Family

The prospect of death is never something we want to think about. But whether or not you are protecting your family isn't something to put off. At Insurance Service Associates, our independent insurance agency is committed to providing our clients the coverage they need to always protect their assets, valuables, and future with tailored coverage to meet their needs. With a life insurance policy that has been customized for you and your family, you can plan for the uncertain future with certainty your family will always be protected. Call (828) 245-5301 today to learn more.

What is the difference between Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage?


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Presciption Drug Plans offer coverage for your prescription drugs. Medicare has different levels of benefit based upon how costly your prescriptions are. The companies are required to offer 2 prescriptions for each therapeutic categories but are not required to offer all drugs.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a way to privatize Medicare insurance. Medicare pays an insurance company to offer you a health insurance program. This insurance will usually have low premiums but will have a co-pay for each service rendered. It usually requires using a network of providers.


Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement pays after Medicare and is based on what Medicare approves. There are no networks and may be no out of pocket based on your choice of the standardized plans.

Insurance Service Associates offers most all of the plans available in our area. We can compare the plans and give the pros and cons of certain plans to guide you in your choice.